Légende du pendu dépendu : San Giacomo di Spoleto  


                                                                      San Giacomo di Spoleto

                                                                        (ITA / Umbria / Perugia)

                                                                   église San Giacomo : fresques


  affresco de Lo Spagna risalente al 1526, che rappresenta il famoso miracolo dei galli di Santo Domingo de la Calzada in Spagna a dimostrazione di un antico legame con le vie di pellegrinaggio in Europa.








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                                                                       Miracolo dei galli by Silvio Sorcini 1953

  Chiesa di San Giacomo - San Giacomo - Spoleto
  Miracolo dei galli di Santo Domingo de la Calzada
  Here is the second episode. The frescoes are by Giovanni di Pietro called Spain, as Raphael a pupil of Pietro Vannucci, known as Perugino.
  There are various versions of the miracle, a couple of German pilgrims went with the young son on a pilgrimage to St. James of Compostela and stopped at a tavern, the innkeeper's daughter fell in love with the young man, who refused her, in spite, he hid a silver cup in the young man's bag and accused him of theft, referring him to his father, who found the cup condemned to the hanging of the young German. While the two parents were watching astonished, the dangling son miraculously appears in San Giacomo, who supports him and saves him. When it was reported to the bargello that had issued the condemnation that the hanged young man was still alive he blurted out saying "like those roosters that are on the plate" and at those words the roosters resumed life and sang.

  The frescoes of the apse are framed by a rich architectural decoration where, in two tables, we read: ANO. DNI / MDXXVI.



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