Hospitalero (Stuckel)


                                                            How to be a Camino Hospitalero (Brett Stuckel)

                          How to Be a Hospitalero (Innkeeper) on the Camino de Santiago…Or Anywhere Else


  Do you want to volunteer as a hospitalero on the Camino de Santiago? Do you currently host guests who travel by foot, bike, or horse, staying briefly? Do you aspire to host in such a place? (Huts, hostels, ecolodges, you name it.) If so, this guide is for you.


  It’s not so much a ‘how to’, but rather a collection of thoughts on hosting in liminal, rough, and/or weird places.


  If you’re in another branch of hospitality, consider this: When my dad and I travel, he likes to stay in the most basic spots possible. “It all looks the same when you’re asleep.”


  I offer the floor and nothing more. However, fast asleep with your eyes closed, you might catch a glimpse of Super 8. If you do, give yourself the credit.


  Brett Stuckel


  Saugerties, NY; Allentown, PA; Pokhara, Nepal; Bethlehem, PA: 2007-2009





- Introduction

- Pre-Departure

- Making the Transition

- The Handoff

- On the Other Side

- Ambiance

- The Rules

- Why?

- People from the Past

- Responsibility

- Who’ll Show Up?

- The Welcome

- Who Can Stay, Who Can’t?

- Getting Mobbed

- Families

- Stories

- Dinners

- Uninvited Guests

- Bedtime

- Overflow

- Influence

- Work

- Shopping (if you have a budget)

- Shopping (if your funds are anemic)

- Crime

- Bad Mouthing

- Ownership, or Lack Thereof

- Community Issues

- Discretion

- Spoilers

- Lost Stuff

- Keys

- Reading the Guestbook

- States of Mind and Body

- Questions

- Triggers

- Avoiding Stress Carryover

- Decompression/Recompression

- Stuff that Looks Bad on a Resume



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