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                                          Volunteer Opportunities (American Pilgrims)


  Want to volunteer at an albergue this year?

  There are many albergues along the various Camino routes where your help would be much appreciated.

  Here are some contacts to get you started.


  The following organizations generally work with albergues operating on a donation basis.


- Federación Española de Asociaciones de Amigos del Camino de Santiago:  

  Trains and assigns volunteers to a network of refugios along the Camino Francés and Vía de la Plata. !See list of albergues they work with in box below.

" You can apply directly to the Federación, or contact us for a copy of their application at


- Confraternity of St. James:

  Operates Refugio Gaucelmo in Rabanal del Camino, and Refugio de Peregrinos de Miraz on the Camino

del Norte.


- Albergues in Foncebadón and El Acebo:  

  Volunteers for these two albergues are now assigned through Rafael Canseco, at the above email address, rather than through the Federación. Please contact Rafael directly if you are interested in working at either albergue.


- Albergue Parroquial de Fuenterroble:  

  Located on the Vía de la Plata, and funded in part by donations from American Pilgrims.


- Acogida Cristiana en el Camino !New Listing":  

  Trains and assigns volunteers at albergues sponsored primarily by parishes, convents and other religious organizations. The member albergues generally have a more spiritual focus in the services they provide to pilgrims.


  The following albergues on the Camino Francés, while not operating on a donation basis, have expressed a warm welcome to any American Pilgrim hospitaleros who are interested in volunteering.

  You can contact them directly via the websites and email addresses listed.


- Albergue Anfas:

  Located in Estella, with space for 32 pilgrims. Their Spanish/English website provides information about

volunteering and contact links.


- Albergue de Peregrinos Siervas de María:

  Located in Astorga and operated by the Asociación de Amigos del Camino de Santiago de Astorga.

For more information, contact


- Casa de Carmen:

A private albergue located in Barbadelo. For more information, contact


- Paloma y Leña:

  A private albergue located in San Mamede del Camino near Sarria. For more information, contact Paloma y José Antonio !Leña" y Diego at



  Federación Albergues

  Following is a list of albergues that work with the Federación Española to place volunteer hospitaleros. See contact information for the Federación above under Volunteer Opportunities.


  Camino Francés

- Arrés

- Parroquial de Estella

- Parroquial de Viana

- Parroquial de Logroño

- Municipal de Nájera

- Cofradia de Santo Domingo en St. Domingo de la Calzada

- Parroquial de Grañón

- Municipal de Villalcázar de Sirga

- Parroquial de Bercianos del Real Camino

- Municipal de El Burgo Ranero

- Municipal de Calzadilla de los Hermanillos

- Parroquial de Ponferrada

- Monacal de Samos


  Vía de la Plata

- Municipal de Castilblanco de los Arroyos

- Conventual de Alcuéscar

- Municipal de Salamanca

- Municipal de Zamora



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