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  I've posted this pet peeve elsewhere, but thought I'd give it its own thread.

  Ladies (yes, especially ladies)... please do NOT leave soiled toilet paper lying along the WAY.

You have two options I can think of:

  1. Carry a ziplock bag and put your soiled paper into the bag and dispose of it in the TRASH at any town or the next albergue.

  2. Carry a hankerchief to use when you pee and simply wash it each evening when you wash your other clothes.


  It's horrible to see toilet paper strewn along the path, and last year by August, you could simply follow the "white=bricked road" to Santiago... not a nice thing to do when visiting in someone else's country. Think of how upset you'd be if it was YOUR front yards!


  As far as toilet paper, I do not agree with the "bury it" theory because animals will dig it up, and it takes a LONG time for toilet paper to disintegrate. Just be responsible and either use cloth or carry OUTyour TP.


  If you're going to carry paper, instead of a roll you can purchase large packages of SMALLER packages of what we call "kleenex" at many larger grocery stores or supermarkets. A couple of pilgrims could split up those 12-packs and it would last a week or more. Most of the public restrooms (in restaurants, etc.) that I ran across did have TP, but not all, so don't expect it. Be prepared when you go in.


  And if you DO need to use a bar for a BM, support the local economy and buy something... a coffee... a beer... a sandwich... a candy bar... fruit...


  Lastly, flush the danged toilets! You will find interesting and various types of "flushing" mechanisms along the WAY. If you don't see a handle, look for a push button on top, or a string or wire above your head that you pull...


  That's all I can think of... I'm sorry to post these ugly TP trail photos. But I'd rather see it on this forum than along the Camino. Hopefully it will inspire people NOT to leave their TP along the path..


  Please pass this info along in a gentle manner to other pilgrims you meet along the way.

  Anniesantiago,Mar 4, 2010



                                                             Toilet facilities?





  > Are there toilets on route or at least the possibility of stepping off the trail and hiding behind a bush without offending locals? I was on a training walk in the city on Sunday -drank lots of water, but could find no facilities on the way. Yikes! Made me wonder.............

  annehoff,Jul 20, 2010


  > Hi Anne, as this post is in the Le Puy section I will assume that is what you are refferring to. On that path there is usually plenty of step off places (and as yet unspoiled like the Camino Frances!). The early part of the path needs special attention with prevention of litter though, as much of this is in higher altitudes and toilet paper should be carried out or be well and truly buried as it would not decompose at the altitude. Public toilets are not too much in evidence though. I used to stop at a Bar for a coffee and somehting to eat and make use of their facilities. Another thing I discovered further down the track was that many of the Maries provided toilets (some only during office hours!) Indeed when walking on the Vezelay path I stopped at the Marie a number of times to used the facilities, and the women in the office filled my water bottle a number of times too.

  Cheers, Janet jl,Jul 20, 2010



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