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Ruth Potterton, the Irish Pilgrim, shares her packing list. It totals 14 lbs. including the weight of the rucksack, a 45 litre Lowe Alpine, no frame.

Her advice: I am horrified to read about people thinking of carrying 35 lbs. this is madness especially for a woman. I carried 14 lbs. and had all I needed.

Carrying 35 lbs. will put unnecessary strain on legs/knees/backs and feet . . . over the years I have met many people with all sorts of problems and an awful lot of them were trying to carry huge weights.


Ruth's Rucksack List:


- 3 shirts (the very light kind made by Lowe Alpine, that dry overnight)

- 2 pairs of shorts

- 1 pair of track suit bottoms (for the evenings and if it was very cold)

- 1 pair of walking sandals for evenings, etc.

- 4 pairs of thick socks

- 4 pairs of very thin liner socks, this means that the thick socks don't need to be washed each day, just wash the liner socks

- Basic underclothes, 4 pairs pants, 2 bras

- 1 very light cotton nightshirt, this is so useful, put it on when you have had a shower to walk around in, lovely to lie on your bunk relaxing in, etc.

- 1 very light rain jacket (Lowe Alpine) I did not bring rain legs but just let my legs get wet, easy to dry them.

- 1 fleece, again Lowe Alpine

- 1 travel towel, one of those that dries you but is tiny and light

- 1 hat

- 1 cotton neck scarf, mops the sweat, keeps the sun off, keeps the rain from running down the back of your neck

- 6 clothes pegs, essential for drying clothes in Refugios, etc.

- 4 safety pins very large for pinning socks etc. to rucksack to dry

- 1 very light sleeping bag (if traveling in summer just bring a silk bag, only weighs a few ounces)

- Basic wash things: toothbrush, facecloth, nailbrush (also useful for scrubbing socks and mud off boots/shoes)

- Small quantity of shampoo and soap (buy more as you go)

- 1 small torch (flashlight)

- Spare boot laces which also can be used as clothes line

- Swiss army knife

- Camera such as a compact Olympus, with waist pouch for carrying

- Basic medical kit for emergencies, second skin and plasters for blisters, sterile needle, bandage

- Fanny pack or some kind of separate case for your money, passport, credit cards

- Plastic ziplock bags for notebook, Pilgrim credentials, Pilgrim guide and books

- Rucksack cover Everything is stored in platic bags, essential as it can rain a lot.

- Also use plastic bags to keep your things dry while having a shower as there is never anywhere to put things while showering

- Water - Instead of fancy water bottles, I always carry two 500 ml bottles of water, can be found in Spain, fill them at fountains and buy fresh bottles when needed.


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