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                                  How to Pack for the Camino de Santiago in Spain

  By Sharma Cortez, eHow Contributor


  The lighter the pack, the better.

- For the pilgrimage to Santiago, you need only pack essentials. You don't need to carry a tent, for instance, because you can stay in pilgrim hostels called albergues. If you travel in the summer, you won't have to carry heavy sleeping or camping gear. Travelers often carry extra copies of passport, airline information or itineraries which could be stored on a flash drive. Because you will carry everything you bring as you walk across Spain, the lighter your load the greater your flexibility and freedom.




  Minimize the Load

- 1. Do not pack for a just-in-case scenario or you will weigh yourself down. With a pilgrimage in mind, it is easier to travel without conveniences that bring weight and distraction into the equation. On a pilgrimage less really is more.

- 2. One reason to pack only essentials and keep your backpack light is to protect your feet. Foot injuries range from simple strains, bruises or blisters to more complex problems such as breaks, sprains or torn tendons. Even blisters, a common complaint for pilgrims, can become serious if not treated properly. As you walk along the Camino you will become increasingly aware of your feet. Hiking boots provide stability and protect your ankles while you walk. Choose a second option like sandals which are lightweight and help your feet relax and breathe after a long day. They can also provide a dressier option if needed. Other items for your feet include extra socks, a blister-treatment kit and anti-fungal cream.

- 3. Pack to protect your head and body from the sun. A bandanna is a lightweight and versatile item, so take at least two. Pack a small container of sunscreen and take sunglasses and lip protection. Bring empty bottles for drinking water.

- 4. Pack the kind of clothing that makes sense given summertime and climate change. Clothing made of light breathable fabric (not jeans) and a few changes of clothes will serve you well. Linen or cotton pants, shorts and tops wear well. Some women bring a cotton skirt, which is versatile. Even in summer a light shell or jacket may be helpful for chilly mornings.

- 5. When you pack sleeping gear be sure to include the following: lightweight sleeping bag, travel pillow, ear plugs, nightshirt, mosquito repellent and flashlight or headlamp. These are basics that will enhance the quality of your sleep.

- 6. Place your toiletries in zip-lock bags, bringing enough for a week. Plan on replenishing your supplies as needed -- all your essentials can be bought along the Camino.


  Tips & Warnings

- Bring your passport and any visas required and pack with other important documents or travel itineraries.

- Keep prescriptions in original prescription bottles when you pack and bring original scripts in case you need replacements or refills.

- Remember cultural distinctions and adapt when necessary to avoid misunderstandings especially regarding attire while attending religious services.

- If you are concerned about rash or skin irritation between legs wear cycling shorts.

- Give a copy of your proposed itinerary to others and check in via Internet or telephone to keep them updated.

- People beginning the day before sunrise may prefer headlamps to flashlights.

- Make sure that your packed items conform with security policies at airports.

- If you get hurt, consult a physician to determine the extent of the injury and propose treatment. If you fall, ask for help and ice the injured area.


  Things You'll Need

- Albergues list

- Army knife

- Blank book

- Blister-busting kit

- Book

- Camp cup

- Compact camera

- Earplugs

- Extra clothing/underwear

- Extra socks

- First-aid kit

- Flashlight/headlamp

- Glasses/contact solution

- Granola bars

- Hat/bandanna

- Hiking boots

- Khaki/cargo pants

- Laundry cord

- Light jacket

- Light sleeping bag

- Map/Camino guide

- Pens

- Pilgrim credential

- Pilgrim guide

- Pocket poncho

- Sandals

- Shorts

- Sleeping bag (light)

- Sunglasses

- Sunscreen

- Toilet tissue

- Toiletries

- Towel

- Trail mix

- Travel towel

- Walking stick

- Water bottles



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