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                                                             Why do the Camino


  Confraternity of Saint James of South Africa



  Who does the Camino and why?


- All ages, nations and intentions; all religions, philosophies and persuasions; many wonderful and truly courageous people walk the Camino.

- At certain times of the year (usually the summer holidays) there are lots of students walking, while out of 'season' there are often more seniors (65 - 85+) who have more time available for a leisurely six week walk.


- Reasons for walking are as varied as the personalities - time to think, to celebrate reaching retirement or finish studies, to mark time before starting a new life phase, to come to terms with personal challenges, to meet people or simply to get away from it all.

- For many it is a challenge, a test of endurance or part of a spiritual journey.

- For those with religious affiliations, it is often a time to distil their thoughts, give thanks or to offer up their sufferings for special intentions.

- Some start off without a clear reason, but know that they have been called to do the Camino.

- Those who see it merely as a cheap way to have a holiday tend to exit soon, as walking the Camino without a purpose and very little comfort soon wears thin.


- Few people ever complain about their discomforts - there is usually a quiet determination to do what they have set out to do.

- There is also a strong sense of support and encouragement, of mutual sharing. The camaraderie amongst pilgrims is a really special aspect of the Camino.

- Most agree that they have goals to achieve, but they are individual - not competitive or comparative ones.

- Whatever the reason for walking, the Camino is a personal challenge, and it's never fair to judge other people's reasons or commitment. Remember that no matter how fit you are, it requires a strong mental acceptance - and it's by no means a walk in the park.



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