Via Pannonia Slovénie


                                                                                 Via Pannonia Slovénie :

                                                                 Prekmursko štajerska veja / Ogrska veja /  :

                                                                   (Nemesnép HUN) - Ljubliana - Trieste (ITA)



  The Slovenian way measures 403 km, is in the shape of a cross of St. Andrew, where the two arms intersect in Ljubljana, a branch runs from the Croatian to the Austrian border, the other from the Hungarian border to Trieste, we will use this to continue the journey from Budapest. The first country in Slovenia is Lenti. The route is hilly, maximum altitude 851 meters. Characteristic villages crossed, Ormoz, Ptuj, Kamnik, Ljubljana, Predjama Castle.

- DAYS : 20

- GPX:

     Hungary Border - Lubiana

     Lubiana - Trieste





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