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  davededub :

  In case its of interest here is the route I took (in stages, spread over a few years):

- Dublin to Wexford/Rosslare - on foot down the coast

- boat to Cherbourg

- Cherbourg to Mont St Michel on foot

- Mont St Michel to St Jean (by bike through Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux)

- St Jean to Finesterre by foot on French route


  theo :

  I’m surprised you don’t take the Breton St James ways in account :

  Coming from Ireland, you could use 3 ferry routes :

  - Wexford/Rosslare-Roscoff with Irish Ferries,

  - Wexford/Rosslare-Cherbourg with Irish Ferries

  - Cork-Roscoff with Brittany Ferries.

  Roscoff is close to the starting point of one of the Bretons ways.

  There are some other solutions, for example, by using ferries arriving to Saint Malo, close to Mont-Saint-Michel.  


  peter :

  Personally I believe that connecting with the Via Francigena at Canterbury makes strategic sense. This leaves us with the discussion on where to begin? I too would think the west of Ireland would be a perfect starting point as it is the mostly westerly part of Europe. Maybe Croagh Patrick in Mayo?. Where I live in County Down, we have the St Patricks way which ends in Downpatrick where St Patrick is buried in Down Cathedral.


  nell :

  Lads why not start at the most westerly of Irish pilgrimage sites Skellig Michael so that we have the blessings of the archangel and a spectacular launch to our journey. We could then head 'inland' to join the Kerry way to Killarney (taking in the ancient monastic sites at Aghadoe and Innisfallen) then head over the county bounds to Cork via Saint Gobnait's shrine at Ballyvourney. At that point it's either the the sea route to the Galician coast or take a land route to the east coast. Mount Melleray abbey near Lismore would be a good place to stop off and we'd be sure of a welcome from the look what you've started Peter.


  toby :

  There would be big European interest in this as they value the old Irish connections via the likes of Columbanus who established the monastery at Bobbio in Italy. I diverted to here from the Francigena and followed a route , the Via degli Abati which Irish monks used to connect back to the Via Francigena. There is a lot of interest in the Irish roots of European monasticism.


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