Santiago : visite (Galicia-Guide) (en)  


                                                                Santiago : visite (Galicia-Guide) (en)



  The city of Santiago de Compostela


  Santiago de Compostela is the jewel in Galicia's historic, cultural and medieval crown. Santiago is this Spanish region's most famous and illustrious city and it holds a vast medieval district with many monuments and buildings of not just Spanish, but international importance. It is quite rightly regarded as one of the world's great cities.


  The city of Santiago de Compostela has World Heritage status and receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Many of these travellers have an interest in exploring and experiencing this historic town’s culture, its unique buildings and architecture, along with its many districts and quarters, all of which have an historic reference. The greater city of Santiago de Compostela has a population of over 100,000 people and it remains a prosperous commercial centre.


  Santiago's original settlement dates back to the ninth century, as does the beginnings of one of the most spectacular cathedrals in the world. The city is also the resting place of the apostle Saint James whose connection with both the cathedral and town has led to Santiago's significance as the third most important place in Christendom.


  The cathedral itself is the final destination for thousands of Christian pilgrims who walk the "Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago)" pilgrimage across Galicia in order to reach this impressive city and visit the tomb of the saint himself.


  The cathedral though is far from Santiago de Compostela's only outstanding architectural icon. The old town is full of dazzling examples of Gothic, Neo-classical, Romanesque and Baroque design and nearly all are on a grand or monumental scale.



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